Saturday, 15 March 2014

The Thousand Island Lake (Qiandao Lake) in Zhejiang, China

Located in Zhejiang, China, Qiandao Lake or the Thousand Island Lake is an artificial lake. It is about 150 kilometers from the city of Hangzhou. Qiandao Lake formed when the valley was flooded in 1959 to build the Xin'anjiang Reservoir. The lake covers an area of 573 square kilometers and has a storage capacity of 17.8 cubic kilometers. It is called the Thousand Island Lake because the lake is dotted with more than a thousand islands of different sizes.

Qiandao Lake is famous for its clear and drinkable water. The lake is also home to lush forests and exotic islands. The Thousand Islands Lake has become a popular tourist spot in the area in recent times. Some of the themed islands in the tourist spot include Bird Island, Snake Island, Monkey Island, Lock Island, and the Island to Remind You of Your Childhood. These theme islands have made the Qiandao Lake one of the most interesting lakes in China.

But what lies underneath the water of the lake is perhaps more interesting to know. There lies two of the magnificent ancient cities - Shi Cheng and He Cheng. These two cities went under water as the area was flooded in September 1959. Along with these two historical cities, another 27 small towns, more than a thousand villages and thousands of residential houses were drowned.


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