Sunday, 27 April 2014

10 underrated European beauty spots to holiday in 2014

When you mention Europe, what comes in mind is the amazing cities and the charming white sandy beaches it has to offer. There is so much to experience and see in Europe. A holiday in the continent will certainly give you a time of your life. There are a number of underrated European beauty spots to holiday in 2014.
1. The Deia village in Mallorca
It is home to some of the most scenic green shuttered houses. You will fall in love with the Texas mountain drop in the region. Although underrated in terms of its beauty, it offers some of the amazing attractions in Europe. For party enthusiasts, you will be treated to an amazing party every weekend.
2. Pelion region in Greece
If you want to have a great experience of one of the amazing vegetation covers in Europe, then Pelion is the place to visit. From dense forests to numerous fruit trees, you will get to experience nature at its best. It is also home to bubbling water fountains, lavish mountains and ancient legends. A visit to this region will expose you to the beautiful sandy beaches and amazing Greek cuisines.
3. The Cap de Creus in Catalonia
For the enthusiasts of various works of art,Cap de Creus is the place to visit. The natural beauty of this region will take your breath away. The eerie has amazing landscapes that have inspired the paintings of Salvador Dali, a renowned artist. Its natural beauty and sceneries are untouched which make sit to have scenic landscapes and attractions like beaches.
4. Puglia region in Italy
This is one of the European beauty spots to holiday in 2014. A visit will expose you to wonderful sun showered landscapes and seascapes. In addition to that you will get to enjoy the breathtaking sandy beaches along the Adriatic Sea. The climate is also favorable to make your holiday stay one to remember. Grape yards are also in plenty with a treat of the finest Italian Cuisines in the region.
5. Bonifacio port in Corsica
This is one of the most amazing ports in Corsica. It offers the best treat of classy restaurants with its ancient town like setting. It is famous for its international yachting set. The hanging fortifications make the port to look like it is suspended over the waters below.
6. The Patara region in Turkey
It is home to the longest sandy beaches in Turkey. In addition to that, you will get to see some amazing ruins in the region. Located along the coastline, it offers some of the ancient architecture and culture. As a result, you will be able to get a glimpse of the ancient culture and tradition. It is a perfect region to visit if you want a quiet, relaxing and a peaceful holiday.

7. The Vis Islands in Croatia
If you want to experience the culture of Croatia, then VisIslands is the place to visit. It is home to fine wineries and gastronomy which offers the best experience especially for a first time visit. Its isolation from the mainland offers the best explanation of the island’s military isolation policy of 1950s. For music and entertainment lovers, concerts and festivals are held on every summer.
8. The Cascais city in Portugal
It offers a perfect setting for you to take a vacation. It is a true definition of a romantic or family based holiday. With the luxury resorts and wide sandy beaches you certainly will have fun in your stay. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Portugal despite of it being underrated. Couples and families can merge and have a taste of how it is to deal with the humongous Atlantic waves.

9. The Black Sea coast in Bulgaria
This is another unexploited favorite destination that is yet to be fully recognized. It has exotic beaches and resorts that offer the best treat for visitors who find their way in the region. There are a lot of options when on your holiday in the region. You can choose to go for jet skiing in the sea or discover the secluded beaches. In addition to that, you can choose to visit the Strandzha wild national park for a great feel of nature.

10. The Pembrokeshire Coast in the UK
This is the best place to visit among the European beauty spots to holiday in 2014. The amazing landscapes speak for themselves. It is featured with untouched coastline and rugged cliffs that offer sun lovers a great place to bask. Bikers and walkers are not left out as there are amazing features along the coastline to watch and admire.

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